Customer Success
Global Chip Developer Uses Noisecom VCC Solution to Integrate Noise Sources into Their Test System
Customer Success Story:

Test Division of Chip Development Group  uses Noisecom VCC solution to provide flexible and repeatable interference test stations to qualify chipsets.

Previous/Current Situation:

Previous Situation: Chip components need to be qualified for immunity to specific interference levels.

Problem or Challenge and its Impact:

Problem or Challenge and its Impact:  Test Division requires integrated noise sources for inclusion in their qualification test system and to minimize the need for their own engineers to build test equipment.

Alternative Approaches to Solve/Improve:

Alternative Approaches to Solve/Improve:  The only real alternative is to have test engineers build the noise source capability internally for multiple test stations, which is not an optimal use of their time.

Solution Implemented/Action Taken:

Solution Implemented/Actions Taken: The Noisecom JV9000 Series is configured to provide the necessary interference during chipset qualification.  Each instrument can be configured based on test requirements and integrated into multiple test stations.


Test Engineers can focus on performing repeatable component testing reliably, using factory-configurable Noisecom instruments rather than building and maintaining homegrown test systems. 

Customer Quote:

"The instrument's capabilities will continue to insure that  we provide our customers with timing circuits that are of robust design."