Noisecom - About

Corporate Profile

Corporate Philosophy

At Noisecom, our mission is simple -- To create innovation in noise test solutions and provide service beyond customer expectations. How we go about fulfilling this mission is what makes us a unique and fast growing company.

Diverse Talents

Noisecom's technical team is a community of dedicated, knowledgeable, and creative people from a wide range of backgrounds in test and measurement. We have a unique mix of talent in RF, microwave, and software development, which delivers powerful solutions to customer's problems backed by outstanding service. If you are intelligent, caring, dynamic, and want to join a winning team, check out our Careers section.

Innovation At Its Best

Noisecom listens carefully to its customers for their needs and requirements. Because of critical time-to-market concerns, we concentrate our efforts on providing a complete test solution so you can focus on making the best product possible. In order to meet customers' specific needs Noisecom often develops custom products. For example, when a major satellite manufacturer had a requirement for a custom noise source to test multi-channel systems, we responded by developing a multi-channel noise generator to meet their special needs. Noisecom's approach to customer service and quality set us apart from the rest. As a result our products are featured in many trade journals and are used worldwide.

We market our products through an aggressive and creative advertising campaign and through a network of more than 30 national and international sales representatives. Our products are sold under the Noisecom name because of the widespread acceptance and recognition we have earned. In fact, for many of our products, Noisecom is the most recognized name in the industry.

Superior Products

Noisecom prides itself on designing and manufacturing the best products available. We maintain a very aggressive product development cycle to address the rapidly evolving needs of the telecommunications industry. Many of our products are recognized as the industry standard for applications including wireless, SATCOM, noise figure measurement, cable TV, cable DATACOM, wireless LAN, digital TV, and military applications.

Global Customers

Noisecom's customers are among the most reputable commercial electronic equipment manufacturers, telecommunications providers, defense contractors, cellular and PCS equipment manufacturers and operators, and computer companies. Our customers come from around the globe, including Europe and Asia/Pacific. No matter where you are, there's sure to be a Noisecom customer close by.

Our Formula For Success

Simply put, our formula for long term success is to anticipate your changing needs and address your concerns. We do this by fostering a partnership and by asking questions. The more we know about your products and needs, the better we can serve you. We know that the lead-time between new product development and marketing introduction is shrinking all the time. That's why we build modularity and flexibility into our products, to provide the features you need now as well as in the future.