Noisecom - J7000 Jitter Noise Generator

J7000 Jitter Noise Generator


Jopt01 BNC Female input and output
Jopt02 75 ohms input and output impedence
Jopt03 230 VAC, 50 Hz
Jopt04 Switch up to 5 filter inputs
Jopt05 127 dB signal attenuator in 1 dB steps
Jopt06 DC coupled signal path (6 dB RF Loss)
Jopt07 IEEE-488 interface remote control
Jopt08 Optional 19” rack mount brackets
Jopt09 Custom frequency, power or flatness requirement*
Jopt10 Differential Outputs*
Serial data filter options*
-PCI Express GEN & GENII
-Serial ATA GENI
* Consult factory for pricing and availability