Noisecom JV9000: Test your device, circuit or system performance against noise on Vcc

Broadcasted on 9/24/2013

Webinar Presented by:
Vitali Penso, Applications Engineer
Murat Eron, Vice President of Engineering


Communication devices and other electronic equipment use a variety of active devices including digital and analog ICs.  Increased data clock rates and densely packed active components create an ideal environment for electromagnetic interference (EMI) as well as create ground bounce and Vcc droop.  This interference contributes to jitter and timing problems within the integrated circuits and its impact on performance is difficult to model using simulations therefore it needs to be verified early in the design cycle.  Noisecom JV9000 generates random noise (AWGN) and deterministic (CW) signals and injects them to the power supply (Vcc) in a controlled fashion to allow the user to test their device, circuit or system performance against noise on Vcc.

This webinar illustrates:

  • Major sources of interference at the IC and circuit level such as ground bounce, Vcc droop and EMI. 
  • Susceptible devices & circuits. 
  • Example test system to understand the noise effects on ICs. 
  • How JV9000 can be used to generate and simulate these effects in actual systems.

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