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Improving Encryption with Additive White Gaussian Noise

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As we send and receive wireless transmissions, hackers are ready and waiting to intercept. In this video, learn how additive white Gaussian noise (AWGN) can be a powerful tool in increasing the safety of encryption systems. You can also see how AWGN generating devices integrate into different encryption setups.

Noise Source Solutions for Power and Signal Integrity Challenges

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The demand for higher data rates and lower power consumption has tightened requirements for  high-speed semiconductor devices.  To address power and signal integrity challenges, Noisecom J7000 and JV9000 noise generators enable real-world evaluation and tolerance testing to ensure these components can be powered correctly and function at high data rates.

5G and mmWave Testing Solutions Using Noisecom Noise Sources

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The new components and technologies required for 5G deployments must provide reliable operation in the presence of real-world noise and interference. Noisecom noises sources generate the broadband noise required to do this type of benchmarking, enabling 5G development and deployment through quantifying component and system performance across the microwave and mmWave bands.

Noise Source Solutions for Satellite Communications Testing

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Testing a satellite communications channel in the presence of noise and interference is critical, since poor performance will limit range, data amounts, and reliability. Noisecom noise generators and sources are broadband devices available in microwave and millimeter wave frequencies that can help test and stress the RF signal integrity of all satellite

Optimizing the Performance of Directed Energy Weapons with Noise Sources

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Directed energy weapons (DEW) bring significant advantages to traditional weaponry along with unique design and deployment challenges. The high optical power required for an effective DEW drives a potentially destructive return loss and reflection that can damage laser sources. Use of a noise source embedded in the weapon’s electronics can spread laser coherence, minimize reflection, protect the laser source, and ultimately improve DEW reliability and performance.



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