Noisecom - A leading manufacturer of RF and microwave noise generation

Noisecom Introduces New Millimeter Wave Noise Sources for Over-the-Air Testing of 5G Devices
Noisecom today introduced new models of the popular NC3600 Calibrated Noise Source product line for over-the-air testing of 5G chipsets and...

Boonton Electronics and Noisecom receive ISO 17025:2017 Accreditation
Wireless Telecom Group is pleased to announce that the Boonton Electronics and Noisecom calibration laboratories have achieved ISO...


Over the Air Testing 5G and mmWave
This demonstration highlights using a Boonton USB RTP5006 sensor and a Noisecom noise source for over the air calibration and power measurement of a...

Noisecom CNG-EBNO 70 Demonstration at IMS 2016 Precision Carrier to Noise for Satellite
Measuring accurate Carrier to Noise of a particular carrier in a multi carrier Satellite IF Band

Demo of a Boonton USB Sensor and a Noisecom UFX7000 to measure Carrier to Noise (C/N) of a pulsed signal
This demonstration shows how you can change and measure the Carrier to Noise (C/N) of a pulsed radar or pulsed communication signal. This is use full...


Customer Success: Noisecom CNG-EbNo SNR Noise Generator
A reputable government agency uses the Noisecom CNG-EbNo SNR generator to monitor the band of interest for interference and provides data to their...

Customer Success: Noisecom NC1000 Amplified Noise Modules
Customer Success Story: A famous optical fiber laser company uses Noisecom NC1000 amplified noise modules to control the wavelength spreading into...


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Noisecom provides RF & Microwave noise generating equipment used in commercial and military applications. Products include noise diodes, built-in-test modules (BITE), calibrated noise sources, jitter sources, cryogenic noise standards, and computer controlled instruments that provide either Precision C/N, or broad band white Gaussian noise. For more information on Noisecom products download the catalog.