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Noisecom Introduces New Millimeter Wave Noise Sources for Over-the-Air Testing of 5G Devices

Posted October 30, 2018

Noisecom today introduced new models of the popular NC3600 Calibrated Noise Source product line for over-the-air testing of 5G chipsets and millimeter wave devices.  These new High Excess Noise Ratio (ENR) noise sources cover frequencies up to 45 GHz providing a known source for characterizing 5G devices in the millimeter wave bands.  The high ENR characteristics of the NC3600 noise sources makes them the ideal source for making measurements in applications where the test setup can have significant losses from antennas, cables, and the air, such as in test chambers and enclosures used for over-the-air testing.  Typically these tests are set up using expensive microwave and millimeter wave signal generators, but NC3600 High ENR noise sources in these frequency bands are now available at a fraction of the cost, dramatically reducing the cost of test.


“Making reliable and repeatable measurements inside any chamber or enclosure requires the chamber, and test system as whole, be calibrated and quantified,” said Dr. Lee McMillan, Director of Engineering. “Noisecom NC3600 noise sources are ideal for this type of calibration process as they provide a known source with calibrated data points that can be used to determine cable loss, air path loss, antenna efficiency, and total chamber response.”


As chipsets for 5G devices become more highly integrated devices with embedded power amplifiers and antennas with frequencies increasing to millimeter wave bands, conducted power measurements are now physically impractical or even impossible to perform. These new multiple-in, multiple-out (MIMO) devices provide minimal access to physical test points making conducted measurements impossible, requiring the use of radiated or over-the-air testing techniques. The new NC3600 millimeter wave noise sources, along with the broad range of other noise sources developed by Noisecom are playing a significant role in over-the-air test systems and 5G communications. With the ability to extend beyond the traditional cable-based methods, Noisecom is demonstrating its innovation and readiness for future testing requirements in wireless communications.


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