Noisecom - NC3200 Coaxial Noise Sources
NC3200 Coaxial Noise Sources

NC3200 Coaxial Noise Sources

Noisecom’s NC3200 Series offers a high ENR output (AWGN noise source) over a wide frequency range of 10 GHz to 18 GHz. These calibrated AWGN noise sources have excellent stability with temperature and voltage for tough environments. The compact package is designed for severe environments such as military EW RWR systems. Specials are available upon request.

Like all Noisecom noise sources, the NC3200 Series features hermetically sealed noise diodes and each noise source is supplied with calibration data for the full frequency band.

Quick Features

  • Noise output rise and fall times Less than 1 μs (NC3208K)
  • VSWR Less than 3:1
  • Noise output variation with temperature Less than 0.01 dB/°C
  • Noise output variation with voltage Less than 0.1 dB/1%ΔV
  • Operating temperature -55° to 85°C
  • Storage temperature -65° to +125°C
  • Input power +28 VDC 20 mA typical
  • Noise output 23 to 27 dB ENR
NC3200 Coaxial Noise Sources
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