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Optimizing the Performance of Directed Energy Weapons with Noise Sources

Directed energy weapons (DEW) bring significant advantages to traditional weaponry along with unique design and deployment challenges. The high optical power required for an effective DEW drives a potentially destructive return loss and reflection that can damage laser sources. Use of a noise source embedded in the weapon’s electronics can spread laser coherence, minimize reflection, protect the laser source, and ultimately improve DEW reliability and performance.

Noisecom DEW Application Note:

Noisecom DEW Solutions Guide:

0:00 Directed Energy Weapons
0:08 Stimulated Brillouin Scattering
0:49 Coherence Spreading with AWGN
1:18 DEW Design – Programmable Noise Generator
2:17 DEW Deployment – Amplified Noise Module
3:12 Learn More About Directed Energy Weapons
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