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New 60 GHz Noise Figure Test Set

Posted June 8, 2009

Introducing the NC5115-60G product line; Noise Figure test sets for the 60 GHz wireless communication band.

60GHz wireless communication technology is quickly gaining momentum within the wireless industry. This frequency band is suitable for applications that require very high data rates over a short distance, such as the transmission of video signals within a home, but the technology is not limited to those applications. Last-mile transmission, satellite-to-satellite links, and in-plane communication systems are some of the possible applications. 60G circuits, modules and systems need to be tested, and one important parameter is Noise Figure (NF). This metric provides valuable information about the amplifiers ability to process marginal signal levels, before they are below the noise floor.

Noisecom has developed a precision NF-test-set for these 60G devices. Two versions are available, NC5115-60G and NC5115-60GT. The former has a waveguide flange, while the latter has a coaxial transition. "Testing NF of 60G circuits is now easy and convenient", states Wolfgang Damm, Marketing Director of the Wireless Telecom Group. "The NC5115-60G NF test setup in combination with a low DANL spectrum analyzer provides accurate, repeatable noise figure measurements within minutes". The systems consists of precision noise sources that cover the 60G band, isolators for best VSWR match, and very low noise amplifiers with 30 dB gain to increase the output of the DUT, if it is too low for direct measurement. The Noise source delivers 17.5 dB excess noise ratio (ENR). NC5115-60G and NC5115-60GT sets come standard with an ENR calibration table. The products are available immediately.

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