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Introducing Merlin, new Noisecom Signal Generator for CATV Installation Testing

Posted November 6, 2008

Introducing the Merlin product line, handheld signal generators for CATV installation testing.

Troubleshooting existing cable installations with digital signal problems can be difficult. Older analog cable installations did not require the bandwidth and resistance to noise that modern HDTV systems do. HDTV systems may also have marginal signal paths that can be affected by signal ingress. If the system can be affected by ingress, it can exhibit egress as well, so repairing imperfect cables and components eliminates both issues.

"Merlin impresses through reliability and true ease of use. It is a small but powerful one-button-device that will reduce service calls in the cable related industry significantly", says Wolfgang Damm, Marketing Director of the Wireless Telecom Group.

The standard cable modem receiver signal strength must be between - 15 dBmV, and + 15 dBmV for proper HDTV picture quality. To test system components for either egress, or ingress susceptibility, Merlin, used with selective frequency receivers, must overcome natural cable system losses; hence the relatively high output power level of +20 dBmV at 75 Ohms of impedance (up to +40 dBmV possible on request). Frequencies are available from 100 to 160 MHz. A rechargeable Li-Ion battery allows continuous signal transmission of >10h, which makes Merlin an ideal signal source for field applications. Merlin is available now.

For more information visit us at: or call 973-386-9696.

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