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New Certified HD Radio Signal Generator

Posted August 7, 2006

Announcing the introduction of the Noise Com DSG9000 series digital signal generators --- the first commercially available product line certified by iBiquity Digital Corporation to provide test signals for HD RadioTM in both AM and FM bands.

The DSG9000 series are HD Radio signal sources designed to play back pre-recorded vector files or test signals that replicate HD Radio service modes and channel configurations. These instruments are certified by iBiquity Digital Corporation, the sole developer and licenser of digital HD Radio technology.

"We are excited to work with iBiquity Digital Corporation and the cutting-edge technology of HD Radio. RF digital signal generation is a core competency of Noise Com and we have a long history of providing instrumentation solutions in the military radio, cellular and satellite markets. The DSG9000 series allows us to leverage our experience in RF digital signal generation and provide test tools for both R&D and manufacturing in the HD Radio market," said Joe Berte, VP of Sales & Marketing, Noise Com.

"For the rapidly growing number of companies involved in designing and manufacturing HD Radio receivers, the Noise Com DSG9000 series of signal generators will provide a valuable tool for developing and ensuring the quality of their products," said Jeff Jury, chief operating officer, iBiquity Digital. "Our licensed component and receiver manufacturers will no doubt also benefit from Wireless Telecom's 20-year track record serving the communications systems testing market as well as its global distribution and customer support capabilities."

RF Digital Signal Source Generates Certified HD Radio Test Signals
The DSG9000-02 contains a complete and current suite of vectors or test signals stored on the instruments internal hard drive. The DSG9000-02 is a versatile analog/digital AM or FM signal source for engineers designing and developing new HD Radio products. New test vectors can be imported and added to the library of existing vectors via the instrument’s front panel DVD, ensuring that the DSG 9000 series of instruments will be able to support development and testing as HD Radio continues to add exciting new features and capabilities. These new test vectors will be created by iBiquity Digital Corporation for distribution by Noise Com’s global distribution and support network.

The DSG9000-01 is designed for production test and includes one vector or signal pattern for AM HD Radio, one vector or signal pattern for FM HD Radio and a simplified user interface. The DSG9000-01 also has a hard drive for storage and DVD for future updates.

Availability, Pricing and Additional Information
Noise Com will start shipping the DSG9000 series beginning June 2006. The price of the DSG9000-01 is $16,500 and the DSG9000-02 is $18,500. For more information and to get a quote on the DSG9000 or other products from Noise Com please contact us at 973-386-9696 or email To learn more about Noise Com, visit our Web site,


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