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Introducing the Noisecom J7000 Series Jitter Test System

Posted July 26, 2007

Announcing the introduction of the Noise Com J7000 Jitter Test System.

High speed serial data busses are the norm in today’s high performance designs. With application in many markets - computers, cell phones, entertainment systems, test & measurement equipment and many others, designers can achieve performance advantages at lower cost, and simpler circuit board layout. While well known first generation technologies like 2.5Gb/s PCI Express, and 1.5 Gb/s Serial ATA (SATA) or DDR2 RAMs define the standard, even faster second generation standards are about to be introduced to the market and third generation standards are currently under development. Serial busses continue to advance with faster edges, and narrower unit intervals, creating exacting demands on design, compliance testing and debug processes. Unwanted variations of signals in time and level are known as jitter.

The NoiseCom J7000 Jitter Test System is a powerful test instrument to alter serial signal streams through injection of Gaussian noise in a way that reflects real world signal behavior. To evaluate performance of components and systems, the J7000 is capable of adding precise amounts of white noise to the signal stream that allows the measurement of Signal-to-Noise ratio (SNR), Carrier-to-Noise ratio (CNR) and Bit-Error-Rate (BER).

J7000 systems are available in different frequency bands ranging from 1 MHz up to 5 GHz. A very high Crest Factor of greater than 18dB guarantees optimal distribution of random events to evaluate low BER. The J7000 series provides a frequency dependent output power that ranges from -131dBm/-66dBm to -3dBm and provides an ultra low distortion signal path.

"Noise Com has a long history of providing instrumentation solutions to radio, cellular satellite, and military markets. The new J7000 series allows us to leverage our expertise in RF digital signal generation and provide test tools for both R&D and manufacturing in the high speed serial data world. The J7000 has been designed in cooperation with leading manufacturers of microprocessor and computer chips, digital storage controllers and random memory chips.", says Dr. Wolfgang Damm, Director of Product Marketing at WTG. "The J7000 now provides a tool for manufacturers who want to increase the speed of their serial data products while lowering the design costs and ensuring highest levels of signal quality."

Additional information about the product as well as application notes are available. Visit our web site at or call +1 (973) 386-9696 to learn more about the jitter test system.

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