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Emulate AWGN Channel & effects of Noise for 100GBase & PAM-4


Emulate AWGN channelon 10GBase signal by adding analog broadband (5 GHz) additive white Gaussian noise (AWGN) on differential data lines using J9010.

AWGN Channel Emulation for 10GBase receiver testing

Noisecom J9000 Jitter Generator Demonstration (click here for video)

Demo: Emulate AWGN channel on 10GBase signal by adding analog broadband (5 GHz) additive white Gaussian noise (AWGN) on differential data lines using J9010.     

Target Users:
Signal integrity engineers analyzing the robustness of their data link on the AWGN channels.  J9000 can be used for receiver sensitivity testing up to 100GBase KR-4.  

Test Set-up:
Noisecom J9000 Jitter Generator Demonstration
About J7000:
J7000 and custom J9000series generates “real world” random jitter, commonly referred to as Rj in the Stochastic Total Jitter model,by introducing AWGN with a large crest factor in 0.1 dB steps to the differential data lines.  The combined signal output can then be measured using an oscilloscope, bert, or Time Interval Analyzer (tia).Unlike BERT and bit pattern generators where jitter is introduced by jittering the clock timing, J9000 series emulates the AWGN channel by adding analog noise on to the channel. This simulates the effect of noise coupled on to the signal in real life transmission environments for receiver sensitivity testing and cross talk dictated by IEEE 802.3 standards.

Significant Features of J9000:

  • 15 ps differential channel skew
  • Minimum 18 dB crest factor
  • 0 to 63 dB noise attenuation in 0.1 dB resolution.
  • Custom noise frequency bands and power levels to support various standards and test scenarios including 100GBase & PAM-4
  • Remotely controlled via Ethernet, GPIB or RS232/RS422/RS423.
  • Manually controlled by a front panel touch screen display.

Measuring Effect of Noise on Data Lines and Power Supply of ICs using a BERT:
In the demo set up SHF bit pattern generator outputs 10 GHz clocked data into the J9010. J9010 injects controlled AWGN to the data lines to emulate AWGN channel.  As the amount of AWGN increases the impact on the eye diagram can be observed on the LeCroy WaveMaster.Total jitter is measured and eye diagram is monitored.  

Noisecom J9000 Jitter Generator Demonstration

Existing and Comparable Products:
Power Integrity: JV9000 Noise on Vcc family of products adds AWGN & CW tones to the supply voltage for power integrity and PSRR testing. The unitintegrates individual components of home- grown-solutions” into a remote controllable instrument, making repeatable measurements easier and faster.  

Signal Integrity: J7000 adds AWGN noise to the data signal creating a more realistic AWGN channel emulation when measuring the effects of Rj added during signal transmission compared to the BERT generator that jitters the data clock signal.

More Resources:
Visit Noisecom official website  or use the QR code below to find out more about Random Jitter (Rj) Noise Generators, Vcc Noise and Spur Generators, other noise generator products, Webinars, Application Notes and White Papers.

Noisecom J9000 Jitter Generator Demonstration

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