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Secure Wireless Transmissions with Truly Random Noise Source Data Encryption

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Encryption is a technique used to safeguard sensitive information over a communications network, meant for the eyes of only the intended recipient. The encrypted information appears unintelligible to intercepting parties but can be deciphered by those who have access to the specific decryption key, such as an algorithmically generated, pseudo-random sequence. Interception is possible; however, this feat typically demands vast computational resources.

What is AWGN

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As anyone who has ever lived in an apartment would know, noise is often something we’d like to reduce in our lives. Modern electrical systems don’t take too kindly to noise either, however, their foe isn’t obnoxious neighbors, but rather the noise that’s ever-present all around us.

How Is Noise Generated?

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Noise – a word often met with dread for designers of sensitive electrical systems. Noise is generated by the random vibrations of conducting electrons, as well as holes that are present in the material, and its collective sum can disrupt communication signals.

How Is Noise Controlled?

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Noise – it’s a word that many designers fear and dread, as it is commonly thought to be a universal foe to electrical systems. However, we’ve previously broken down those misconceptions.



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