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MTTS 2014 Noisecom UFX7000A Demonstration


Demonstrate capabilities of broadband additive white Gaussian noise (AWGN) using the UFX7000A series. Do you know how much noise your system can handle?

Broadband Noise Can Be Deadly for your System

Test your system’s immunity to broadband noise

Noisecom UFX7000A Series Demonstration

Demonstrate capabilities of broadband additive white Gaussian noise (AWGN) using the UFX7000A series. Do you know how much noise your system can handle?   

Target Users:
Design and verification engineers, device (LNA/PA) and system engineers working with data, video, voice and broadcast systems as well as radar systems in military and civilian applications. Engineers testing impact of broadband noise generated by various sources that interferes with the operation of the system as well as testing impact of broadband jammers on the receivers.       

Test Set-up: 
MTTS 2014 Noisecom UFX7000A Demo

About UFX7000A series:
The Noisecom UFX7000A series broadband noise generators create complex and custom broadband noise signals for advanced test systems. The flexible computer architecture allows control of multiple precision attenuators, switches, and filter banks to provide high output power broadband noise with superior flatness. The broadband noise source and noise path attenuator in 1 dB (0.1 dB optional) steps as well as custom frequency and noise output power levels combined with an optional signal combiner & signal attenuator allow independent control of the noise & signal paths to vary SNR while performing BER or MER vs. Eb/No (C/N) testing. 

Combined with optional switching circuitry, the designer can create many different path combinations using low pass, high pass, band pass, or band reject filters in any combination. 

The input / output connectors can be located on the front, or rear panel to provide convenient customer access on the bench, or in a rack system. 

Significant Features of UFX7000A series:

  • Custom broadband noise frequencies up to 40 GHz
  • Custom output power up to +30 dBm.
  • Manually controlled by a front panel touch screen display. 
  • Remotely controlled via Ethernet, GPIB or RS232/RS422/RS423.
  • 0.1 dB step attenuator to adjust noise and signal levels (optional).
  • 75 ohm or 50 ohm input/output impedance.
  • Switchable filters for custom tailored noise bands.
  • Front or rear panel input and output connectors. SMA, BNC or N types.
  • Removable hard drive (military/defense applications).

If there are additional requirements for your noise application, please contact the factory for more information about custom designs.

Measuring Eb/No, SNR, CNR by generating noise using UFX7000A:
UFX7000A series allows the user to characterize BER vs. Eb/No (C/N) performance of their communication system by injecting precise AWGN in 0.1 dB steps into the desired incoming signal. Our test set-up works with a CW test signal as the input signal to the UFX7000A.  The broadband noise level is varied to change the SNR ratio in 0.1 dB steps.  The output of the UFX7000A is connected to a spectrum analyzer to measure the SNR. 

MTTS 2014 Noisecom UFX7000A Demo
Fig.1 Degraded Signal to Noise Ratio

Existing and Comparable Products:

  • UFX7000A series is Noisecom’s flagship noise generator. With options and customization capabilities Noisecom can configure the unit to the user’s requirements. 
  • For the state of art the Eb/No testing system Noisecom also offers CNG-EbNo its high-end Eb/No measurement instrument. It automates Eb/No(C/N) vs. BER/MER measurements by automatically measuring and controlling signal and noise levels. CNG-EbNo eliminates the need for power meters and test software to control and monitor Eb/No.  
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