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Optimizing the Performance of Directed Energy Weapons with Noise Sources

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Directed energy weapons (DEW) bring significant advantages to traditional weaponry along with unique design and deployment challenges. The high optical power required for an effective DEW drives a potentially destructive return loss and reflection that can damage laser sources. Use of a noise source embedded in the weapon’s electronics can spread laser coherence, minimize reflection, protect the laser source, and ultimately improve DEW reliability and performance.

How to Properly Characterize Noisecom Noise Sources

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Learn how to properly characterize and verify Noisecom NC3000 Series calibrated noise sources and Noisecom NC1000 Series amplified noise modules through understanding the most appropriate parameter for each device and which instrument is best suited for measurements. In the end, you’ll know how to provide a truer measure of the noise source’s performance.

How Can a Noise Source Help Electronics Testing?

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For years engineers and designers have been trying to eliminate noise in circuits for high-speed digital systems, satellite communications, RF amplifiers, and now 5G mmWave devices – but did you know noise can actually help electronics testing and design? Learn how engineers can utilize noise sources to better understand how their systems can handle real-world interference challenges.



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