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Introducing the Noisecom J7000 Series Jitter Test System

Posted July 26, 2007

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The NoiseCom J7000 Jitter Test System is a powerful test instrument to alter serial signal streams through injection of Gaussian noise in a way that reflects real world signal behavior. To evaluate performance of components and systems, the J7000 is capable of adding precise amounts of white noise to the signal stream that allows the measurement of Signal-to-Noise ratio (SNR), Carrier-to-Noise ratio (CNR) and Bit-Error-Rate (BER).

New Certified HD Radio Signal Generator

Posted August 7, 2006

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The DSG9000 series are HD Radio signal sources designed to play back pre-recorded vector files or test signals that replicate HD Radio service modes and channel configurations. These instruments are certified by iBiquity Digital Corporation, the sole developer and licenser of digital HD Radio technology.


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